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Główne cechy "wielkich"  zawodników -The qualities of Great player's

In my opinion, There is  direct correlation between the number of qualities what player posses and the level of success that player is going to atchieve.
Those nonnegotiable fundamental qualities  what player must posses in order to achieve top level are:  Skills, Basketball IQ, Mental toughness, Athleticizm, Size
Of course, If player posses only one quality of those five above, he  probaly is going to be  only team member.
Here I'm going to discuss five qualities of great player, using video clips of Maciej Lampe (one of the top Euroleague PF, formerly NBA player and  currently playing in Barcelona Regal) floor performances:

Here I mean the physical aspects of basketball: shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defending.  This quality is MUST have to player success.The skils quality above all,  can disguise the weaknes in other areas.  A player who has the best skill level can often overcome the qualities that they were not physically blessed with (Nash, Durant etc)
Skill is the quality of which an individual has control.  With hard work and determination,  player can become remarkably fundamentally sound.
2/Basketball IQ
It's ablity to scan situations on the floor and regards to it, make the best decision.Usualy for those players we say, they are always in the right place and at the right time.Basketball IQ is like size, you either have it or you don't.But is something that can be improved, studying the game, by reading, watching film, and observing others.
3/Mental toughness
For those kind of players we say, that they have a  "vision of a champion."
Those players posses an uncanny work ethic both in practice and in game situations.They're showing consistency  during every drill,  practice, and game.This is the quality that an individual has the most control over, and requires No  physical gifts.
If you possess it, it can definitely change your game.But with proper training and commitment, a player can transform himself from poor to average, average to good, or good to great.  Not having athleticism is not an excuse for failure however, nor is having it a guarantee for success, but having excues is steping stone to failure.
Player has very little control of this quality and it's completely God given. Size can come in the form of height, bulk, or bot. Here I must add one very important physical atribute if player posses, specialy from defensive standpoint - tnis is a wing span.For example, it may compensate player's height and make him great defender.